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Looking for eco-friendly printed cups?

How Custom Cups Are Eco-Friendly


All our takeaway coffee cups are fully recyclable with mainstream paper waste and all our reusable cups can be returned to us if faulty to ensure they are recycled after use.

Low Carbon Footprint

All our printed and customized cup range completely produced and manufactured in the UK meaning lower carbon emissions with deliveries of printed cups and servicing of rental cups.


Most of our custom printed cup range is fully reusable. This means we guarantee they will last for many uses and be a brilliant sustainable solution for you as well as them being machine washable and dishwasher friendly.

Saving Ocean Waste

striving to reduce and eliminate all single use plastic waste and non-recyclable paper cups from society, helping for a greener future with cleaner oceans.

About Custom Cups

The Custom Cups team is made up of customer care, production and logistics specialists, who all care about the future of our planet. Aiming for sustainable solutions where possible and using innovation to reduce carbon footprints internally and for our clients. Taking great pride in the quality of our printed products whether for small events, weddings, sports clubs, and café or huge sell out arenas, concert tours and sports stadiums.

We aim to improve the way in which consumers reuse cups and refill rather than contribute to landfill sites.Together, with better education, a sustainable and greener culture can be achieved for a brighter and greener future for all.

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