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Custom Cups ethos revolves around two core principles: providing high-quality reusable plastic cups for any occasion and delivering unparalleled personalised service at competitive rates. With a keen focus on quality and customer satisfaction, our founders meticulously studied the reusable cup system before establishing operations in our target markets.


We can supply any event whether it is small personal gathering with 50 attendees or large internation scale concert or festival with 100,000+ attendees. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to exceeding client expectations. We believe in building lasting relationships by consistently going above and beyond. This dedication has not only garnered satisfaction but genuine delight from our clients, paving the way for sustained long-term growth. Testament to our commitment to excellence is the fact that our clients return for repeat orders, reflecting our aspiration to be reused, just like our cups.


At the heart of our team lies a wealth of experience in business and management, coupled with expertise in sales, marketing, and accountancy. With strong educational backgrounds underpinning our capabilities, we are well-equipped to drive success and achieve extraordinary outcomes.


Sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of Custom Cups’ operations. Beyond supplying eco-friendly products such as reusable event cups, plastic free paper pint cups, party cups and plastic free cups , we are committed to operating in a manner that minimises environmental impact while addressing social and economic challenges. Climate change, population growth, and water scarcity underline the importance of our work and reasons for continued success.


Custom Cups stands as a beacon of sustainability in the events industry, driven by a passion for environmental stewardship and unwavering commitment to excellence and social responsibility. Join us in our mission to make every event not just memorable, but sustainable for generations to come.

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In practice, this commitment translates into:


  • Continuously reassessing our approach to environmental, social, and community engagement, ensuring that long-term sustainability guides our decisions.


  • Taking an active role in addressing key issues like climate change and deforestation, both within our operations and in collaboration with the wider community.


  • Engaging with stakeholders to understand their perspectives and needs, fostering transparency and accountability.


  • Adhering to industry and international standards to uphold our commitment to excellence.


  • Transparency and accountability: Our prices are transparent, and we take pride in delivering personalised service. We seek accreditation from various bodies and prioritise sourcing from ethical, Fairtrade-accredited manufacturers.





  • Quantifying and accounting for the social and environmental costs of our activities, striving to minimise our carbon footprint and resource consumption. Collaborating with partners locally and internationally, we innovate to reduce environmental impact.


  • In addition to minimising our footprint, we educate our employees and stakeholders on climate change risks and mitigation strategies.


Printed Custom Cup - Back Design One Colour Pint

1 Colour Printed Pint Cup – Back

Branded Cups for Events

When planning the drinking solution for an event or festival various considerations come into play. Of course, the environmental factors often today come first however the drinking experience should not be ignored. That’s why re-useable plastic cups make a great alternative to single use plastic pints. What’s more, the drinking experience is not compromised, robust in structure nucleated bases may be incorporated to keep the fizz in your beer for longer. And of course todays re-useable pint cups can be printed in new photo quality making them perfect for large festivals and events as well as birthday parties and weddings. 

Branded Beer Glass on a Bar

Environmental Considerations

Custom cups specialise in creating amazing printed cups and have been doing so since 2013. Having seen the success and environmental benefits of the concept in European stadiums our founder set our to achieve the same in the UK. Some 10 years have passed and hundreds of thousands of plastic cups have been saved from landfill or worse, the ocean. 

Safety Considerations for Drinking Glasses

In outside events glass is not acceptable, nor is it ideal for busy indoor events or venues that may have a high proportion of children such as soft play areas. Re-useable cups therefore are the perfect solution as they are more robust than single use plastic whilst benefiting from its shatter resistant properties. 

People at Busy Festival

Waste at Festivals Stadiums and Events

With over 25,800 tonnes of waste generated each year from festivals it is more important than ever to operate your event responsibly. Many people are now working hard to reduce this with innovative solutions. Tents for example are a big waste problem with many festival goers viewing them as single use item and left behind or disposed of. Luckily the issue is been addressed via hire systems or even cardboard tents.


Of course, Custom Cups can’t solve all of the environmental challenges that festivals and event have however we can help reduce the amount of plastic waste. This is because the 100% recyclable and re-useable pint cups can be washed in a dishwasher multiple times allowing them to be re-used or taken home by attendees as a memento. It’s the perfect solution.


Printed Cup Hire Systems

For larger events, festivals and stadiums opt for a cup management programme. Here, the cups are washed either on or off site either on-site or at a cup washing facility. Here they are hygienically cleaned and dried using a specialised system and re-packaging in re-usable crates ready for your next event.  These cups can also be printed however its recommended that the date is omitted from the design to allow the cup to be re-used over multiple years.  


Festival Cup Deposit Scheme

How to Order

We know how important it is to you that your cups match the theme of your wedding. You can trust us to bring your design ideas to life to enhance your wedding festivities. 

Choose from one of our ready made cup templates. 

Use our 3D art creation software to design your own printed cup design.

Send us your logo and design ideas and we will create an amazing cup design for you.

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