Ox Close Farm Printed Event Cup


Case Study 2: Ox Close Farm Milk

1. Background Information:

  • Can you tell us a bit about the reason you required cups?
    “We run a milk vending machines business selling milk & milkshakes through a vending machine. We have always offered 500ml & 1L glass bottles but have been asked on several occasions for straws and/or non-glass, so the cups are a great option for us.”
  • How did you first learn about our reusable custom cups?
    “We found out about the Cups through a fellow vendor who had some on sale and we realised they were just what we have been looking for”.

2. Motivation for Switching:

“In our case, we had never used disposable cups or bottles within our business, so going reusable was an easy implementation.”

3. Experience with Reusable Cups:

  • How has your experience been using our reusable custom cups?
    “We found that the cups are ideal for customers to use ‘on the go’.”

4. Feedback from Others:

  • Have you received any feedback or reactions from event attendees, customers, staff, friends, or colleagues regarding your use of reusable cups?
    “We have had a great deal of positive feedback from staff & customers. They love them! They think they’re great as a glass alternative for kids or adults with additional needs & perfect for in the go. Bring dishwasher safe is a plus & personally we love that they are UK made & BPA free also. Great addition to our bottles.”

5. Product Durability and Design:

  • How satisfied are you with the durability and design of our reusable cups?
    “We’re very happy with the cups. Both durability & design are perfect. The only slight concern is the durability of the straw, mainly due to children chewing them as they are a bit soft.”
  • Have you encountered any issues with maintenance or cleaning?
    “The cups are easily cleaned & being Al dishwasher safe customers have commented how easy they are to look after.”

6. Future Intentions:

  • Do you plan to continue using reusable cups in the future?
    “Yes, we have placed more than one order, and plan on doing so if we need to top up.”
  • Would you recommend our reusable cups to others, and if so, why?
    “I have recommended your cups to other milk vendors who have contacted me following the launch of our cups. The pint cup is an ideal size for our vending machines for the sale of the cup itself & the filling of the. Up in our milk vending machine.”
  • Additional comments:
    “The whole order process was quick & easy – from my first question, to design, ordering & delivery. It has been a pleasure dealing with custom cups!”


Ox Close Farm Printed Event Cup
Cups with Straws Printed
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