Case Study 3: Bloomsbury Leisure Group

Case Study 3: Bloomsbury Leisure Group

1. Background Information:

  • Can you tell us a bit about the reason you required cups?
    “We wanted to change to reusable cups for a while. We felt like we were serving great quality beer, in a not good quality product, which affected the drinking experience of the customers. We wanted to find a steadier cup which feels nice to drink out of.” “We also wanted to switch to a more environmentally friendly solution”.
  • How did you first learn about our reusable custom cups?
    “We found out about your cups online and placed a first order in 2022”.

2. Motivation for Switching:

  • Did you go with reusable cups from the start? If no, what motivated you to switch from single-use cups to reusable ones?
    “We switched to reusable cups from single use. The main motivation was environmental. We wanted to reduce the waste created by single use cups whilst also offering our customers a sturdier product.”

3. Previous Usage:

  • How many single-use cups were you approximately using on average before making the switch?
    5000 a week.
  • Can you describe the circumstances or locations where you most frequently used disposable cups?
    “We do club nights, gigs and ‘Llandoger Throw’ after 7pm.”

4. Experience with Reusable Cups:

  • How has your experience been using our reusable custom cups?
    “Overall, it’s been great.”
  • Have you encountered any challenges in incorporating reusable cups into your routine, and how did you overcome them?
    “Only thing we do have is that they look better so they become souvenirs and people take them home. This means its best to have a system in place, so we aren’t just losing cups”.

5. Cost and Savings:

  • Have you noticed any cost savings since switching to reusable cups?
    “We have placed multiple orders for different events and sites. We found cost savings in 2 of them. In one of them not. The first order when switching felt like a higher cost initially, whilst any orders we now place to top up don’t feel that way”.

6. Environmental Impact:

  • Have you observed changes in waste reduction or disposal practices since making the switch?
    “We have noticed a massive waste reduction.”

7. Convenience and Practicality:

  • How convenient have you found using reusable cups in your event?
    “We find reusable cups more convenient in the amount of waste and litter and the cleaning”.
  • However, the only thing we find with single use possibly being more convenient when it comes to storage of the cups, as disposables you buy and bin after using, so you only need to buy what you require for each event, instead of allocating a bit of storage for cups that are reusable.”

8. Feedback from Others:

  • Have you received any feedback or reactions from event attendees, staff, friends, or colleagues regarding your use of reusable cups?
    “The main thing is that people like that it’s a more ecofriendly option, it makes them and us feel good that we are encouraging a more positive impact to the environment.”

9. Product Durability and Design:

  • How satisfied are you with the durability and design of our reusable cups?
    “We are very satisfied with the durability of the design on the cups and the overall quality of the cups”.

10. Future Intentions:

  • Do you plan to continue using reusable cups in the future?
    “Yes, no looking back!”
  • Would you recommend our reusable cups to others, and if so, why?
    “Yes, we would recommend. It is a great product and Branded Cups Ltd team offer a great service.”
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