Custom Printed Re-useable Cups

Case Study 4: Belgrave Music Hall Leeds 

1. Background Information:

  • Can you tell us a bit about the reason you required cups?
    “Our license restricts any glass on our Roof Terrace, which for a while was the only real Roof Terrace in Leeds so was a major USP for us, hence being so busy. We also do not permit glass in our Music Hall, and as a 400-capacity space we need to serve a large quantity of drinks at a fast pace”.
  • How did you first learn about our reusable custom cups?
    “A mixture of Google and talking with Festival Bars groups that we know”.

2. Motivation for Switching:

  • Did you go with reusable cups from the start? If no, what motivated you to switch from single-use cups to reusable ones?
    “We made the switch in 2019, after 5 years of single use. Environmental concerns motivated us to make the switch (explained below)”.
  • Were there specific environmental concerns or personal reasons that influenced your decision?
    “As it became more prominent in the news about the environmental impact of single-use waste, we were driven to make a change.”

3. Previous Usage:

  • How many single-use cups were you approximately using on average before making the switch?
    “We were using 10,000 single-use plastic cups per week. We also could use up to 4,000 per week in our Music Hall depending on events.”
  • Can you describe the circumstances or locations where you most frequently used disposable cups?
    “On our Roof Terrace (outdoor space) and in our Music Hall (events)”.

4. Experience with Reusable Cups:

  • How has your experience been using our reusable custom cups?
    “Fantastic. Always quick delivery and great product. Only once we had an issue where delivery was sent to billing address”.
  • Have you encountered any challenges in incorporating reusable cups into your routine, and how did you overcome them?
    “Due to the higher cost than single use, we initially operated a £1 deposit scheme, in which £1 was refunded when the cup was returned. However, after the COVID lockdowns we never re-introduced this policy. Instead, we’ve been tolerant when people take them home, and it’s a known fact that “every student house in Leeds has a Belgrave branded cup”.

5. Cost and Savings:

  • Have you noticed any cost savings since switching to reusable cups?
    “Not necessarily. Due to them being taken home often, we need to buy the regularly”.
  • How do the initial costs of purchasing reusable cups compare to the ongoing costs of single-use cups?
    “We no longer charge a deposit system, so we don’t necessarily see savings in the initial vs. on-going costs.”.

6. Environmental Impact:

  • In your opinion, how has the switch to reusable cups impacted the environment?
    “We generate less waste. So, with ourselves putting less in landfill (along with other venues who’ve followed suit), we’re making a less negative impact on the environment”.
  • Have you observed changes in waste reduction or disposal practices since making the switch?
    “We’re putting less in our general waste bin, that’s for definite!”

7. Convenience and Practicality:

  • How convenient have you found using reusable cups in your event?
    “They’re not as easy to store in large quantities as the single-use, and because they need washing that can affect the effort to replenish stocks.”
  • Were there any situations where you found reusable cups to be more or less practical than disposable ones?
    “More practical – Our products are coming in a better vessel with our branding on.
    Less practical – takes up more space on the bar”.

8. Feedback from Others:

  • Have you received any feedback or reactions from event attendees, staff, friends, or colleagues regarding your use of reusable cups?
    “Yes – everyone loves the designs, and they get taken home often”.

9. Product Durability and Design:

  • How satisfied are you with the durability and design of our reusable cups?
    “Very satisfied.”
  • Have you encountered any issues with maintenance or cleaning?

10. Future Intentions:

  • Do you plan to continue using reusable cups in the future?
  • Would you recommend our reusable cups to others, and if so, why?
    “Yes, and we have rolled them out at our other sites after the success at Belgrave”
Custom Printed Re-useable Cups Belgrave Music Hall Leeds on bar
Custom Printed Re-useable Cups
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