Re-useable Cups Please Re-use Me
Case Study 1: Bars4Events

Case Study 1: Bars4Events

1. Background Information:

  • Can you tell us a bit about the reason you required cups? (Event, Festival, etc)
    “We run our own Bar company called Bars4Events, we use our cups in multiple Events.”
  • How did you first learn about our reusable custom cups?
    “Bars4Events found us online the first time.”

2. Motivation for Switching:

  • Did you go with reusable cups from the start?
    “We used single use first, made the switch to reusable for the first time at the end of 2019 and haven’t looked back since”.
  • If no, what motivated you to switch from single-use cups to reusable ones?
    “We wanted to reduce the amount of plastic waste that will end up in landfill from us. As a lot of stadiums and festivals were starting to go down those routes, we decided we wanted to do the same thing. They tried reusable cups for the first time in 2019 and haven’t looked back since.”
  • Were there specific environmental concerns or personal reasons that influenced your decision?
    “It was an environmental concern that influenced the decision mainly. However, we also felt like single use cups weren’t the best to drink out of either, which was also another motivation to switch to a more steady, reusable cup and improve the drinking experience of our customers”.

3. Previous Usage:

  • How many single-use cups were you approximately using on average before making the switch?
    “I never counted!”. “We don’t have the exact data on the quantity of single use cups”. “However, we had our first event using reusable cups in 2019, and the organiser of that event said to us that the cup idea was brilliant. He said that before switching to reusable, 8 people would go around the site at the end of each event day with 4 bin sacks and would each fill them with rubbish. After switching to reusable cups, they each went around and filled 1 sack per person instead of 4 per person.
  • Can you describe the circumstances or locations where you most frequently used disposable cups?
    “Event sites and public events around the country. Small festivals…”

4. Experience with Reusable Cups:

  • How has your experience been using our reusable custom cups?
    “Positive experience overall.”
  • Have you encountered any challenges in incorporating reusable cups into your routine, and how did you overcome them?
    “At the start, we were charging a non-returnable fee for the cups. And then we switched to a deposit system. We charge £1 deposit cups. The customer can then return the cup and get the £1 back or take the cup home as a souvenir.” “We found a bit of a challenge at the start implementing these systems. They are more expensive than the disposable ones, so we don’t want people throwing them in the bin, so we had to charge something. We now charge £1 per cup; they can choose to keep them or return the cup and get the £1 back.”

5. Cost and Savings:

  • Have you noticed any cost savings since switching to reusable cups?
    “We would say that the cost of the cups is about the same as the single use. This is adding everything together, the time it takes to make the design, placing the order, the cleaning, etc. I have done a vast calculation, and it comes to about the same.” “It costs around 5-10p per disposable cup, but they always end up in the bin. We make at least 20p per cup if they don’t return it. We have found that in our events, 30%-40% of the cups get returned. The other 60%-70% covers the cost of the design, the cup order, and the washing. On some events, people now bring their own cup.”

6. Environmental Impact:

  • In your opinion, how has the switch to reusable cups impacted the environment?
    “In our Bar business, by switching to reusable, we have reduced the plastic wastage that was going to landfill b 90-95%”
  • Have you observed changes in waste reduction or disposal practices since making the switch?
    “We used to fill 3 skips; we now use 1 skip at the end of the event. This means we have reduced our waste by 66%.”

7. Convenience and Practicality:

  • How convenient have you found using reusable cups in your event?
    “From my point of view, the disposables are easier in the sense that you can leave the event with less boxes than when you go in to set up. Disposables come boxed in 1000’s whilst reusables only around 270-300 per box.” “However, the environmental perspective is undeniable. Cleaning of the site at the end of each event and seeing the amount of waste that single use cups generate is outrageous. It’s worth it and makes us feel good knowing we are not throwing all that ‘stuff’ away.”

8. Feedback from Others:

  • Have you received any feedback or reactions from event attendees, staff, friends, or colleagues regarding your use of reusable
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Re-useable Cups Please Re-use Me
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