Ice Cream Tubs : A Guide To Custom Printed Tubs Blog Detail

Ice Cream Tubs : A Guide To Custom Printed Tubs

What are Printed Ice Cream Tubs?

High quality printed ice cream tubs to cafes, coffee shops, ice cream vans, delis, gift stores and events worldwide. Our printed ice cream cups are highly sought after coming in a range of sizes to suit you scoop volumes and optional flat paper lids if producing them to be sold in retail. 


As a nation we dispose of millions of disposable cups each year into landfill sites, replacing throwaway ice cream cups with our recyclable custom printed cups is a brilliant way to reduce your carbon footprint and leave customers with a smile on their face.


Create Eco-friendly cafes and ice cream shops with our Printed and fully Recyclable Ice Cream Tubs.


Due to the fact regular plastic does not biodegrade or recycle, we offer these custom printed ice cream tubs to serve your delicious, tasty treats in.

Suitable for?

Whether a single scoop of vanilla with a flake and raspberry sauce, or a mixture of chocolate chip and rum and raisin, our ice cream cups will leave your customers grinning from ear to ear. Throughout the warmer times of the year, there is no better family day out than a walk followed by a treat for everyone.

Our range of sizes mean our paper ice cream cups are suitable for children as well as adults, whether on a diet or really splashing out then we cater for all sizes of ice creams and frozen treats.

We Offer?

Printed Ice Cream Tub
5oz Printed IceCream Tub

Most of our clients purchasing our printed ice cream cups serve directly to end users, whether it’s ice cream scoops or Mr Whippy cream being served they show off the ice cream branding and vendor perfectly.

8oz IceCream Cup

We also have a number of clients who purchase lids to go with their ice cream pots and ice cream tubs. The printed paper tub lids are very effective in really giving the product that extra touch of class.

12oz IceCream Cup

We also provide 16oz sized IceCream cups, which are biggest in the size in this category. Cups are specially designed with care according to the customer needs. 

16oz IceCream Cups

Perfect For ?

  • Cafes

  • Ice Cream Vans
  • Ice Cream Shops
  • Coffee Shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Boutiques
  • Gift Shops
  • Public Parks and Beaches
  • Child Friendly Events

Suitable for Frozen Foods in particular such as ice cream scoops from dairy ice cream or machine-made Mr Whippy.

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